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Star Wars™ Helmet Collection

I don’t think I have ever seen a movie franchise promoting so many cool helmets as with Star Wars. Wether you are playing good or evil, fighting for freedom or flying an aircraft: the characters come with some of the finest headwear that can easily be put on display with the LEGO Star Wars™ Helmet Collection. Continue reading

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LEGO Ideas: A-frame Cabin

For those who want to withdrawl and return to nature, wooden cabins are probably the best options for an overnight stay. And in the past year the A-frame cabins have been popping up on social media on several mountaintops, forrests, lakesides and more. And if you also are a fan, then watch out for the new LEGO Ideas A-frame cabin #21338 coming out next month. Continue reading

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LEGO Icons Botanical Collection

I totally love fresh flower bouquets at the house, so you can imagine my surprise and enthousiasm when LEGO launched a Botanical Collection made entirely from bricks. Mind you, these flowers aren’t for the fainthearted. They are pretty and sometimes quite large pieces suited for adults. Let me show you some of the fine creations with Lego Icons Botanical Collection. Continue reading

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Review: LEGO Avatar 2022 Collection

It has been more than a decade ago when James Cameron released this AVATAR movie. It is still one of the best movies ever made, so it was no surprise that LEGO has released 4 LEGO Avatar sets, relating to that first Avatar movie from 2009. Let’s have a look at them and I will review them with you. Continue reading

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Welcome to my LEGO website

My name is Betty and I am from the Netherlands. As a kid I’ve always loved building with Lego. But since my children started to develop a taste for bricks we’ve made it our biggest hobby to start collecting and … Continue reading

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