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All Harry Potter Hogwarts sets – in order of the books

This June (and later this year) LEGO will be releasing a whole bunch of new Harry Potter and Hogwarts sets. But I have also heard that some of the older sets will be retiring before the end of the year. But how many LEGO Harry Potter sets are there? Which of these are part of Modular series? I’ve made a list of all Harry Potter Hogwarts sets in order of the books. Continue reading

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LEGO Jurassic Parks set (coming out in June 2023)

This year is the 30th Anniversary of the Iconic Jurassic Park Film. Who doesn’t remember this from their childhood? But in order to celebrate this the LEGO group will launch five new LEGO ® Jurassic Park Sets in honour of the movie. They are coming out in June but we can have a sneak peak here! Continue reading

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LEGO DREAMZzz sets coming out (in August)

The LEGO Group will be releasing a brand collection called LEGO DREAMZzz! Not just as Lego sets to get creative and build with, but also as an animation series for the young ones. The theme brings to life the creativity of children’s dreams. Starting 1st August this brand new collection named LEGO DREAMZzz will become available. Continue reading

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Back to the 80’s with the NEW LEGO Icons Pac-man Arcade Set #10323

Let’s take a trip back to the 80’s, which was the decade of arcade games and PAC-MAN was one of the most beloved games that ruled everyone’s childhood. I think it is incredible that LEGO is releasing a buildable Arcade machine for the fans of the vintage Bandai Namco game. This blog is one for its fans! Continue reading

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Review: LEGO Indiana Jones: Temple of the Golden Idol set #77015

Did you grow up with Indiana Jones movies? With Raiders of the Lost Ark being the first one, and who can forget that thrilling opening scene at the Temple of the Golden Idol! This display set allows you to rebuild that temple with some cool interactive features, allowing you to recreate some of the movies famous moments. Here is my review of the LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of the Golden Idol #77015. Continue reading

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LEGO Batman Batcave – Shadow Box #76252

The LEGO Group has announces a brand new addition to the LEGO Batman Collection and it is a big one! This LEGO “Batman Returns” Batcave Shadow Box is an official collaboration with Warner Bros and DC, a mere 30 years after the release of the “Batman Returns’ movie. This highly detailed set features iconic characters, cool gadgets and much more for the ultimate Batman fans. Continue reading

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NEW RELEASES – June 2023

With a new month coming there are also new LEGO sets to be released. Wether you are a fan of LEGO Batman, got a thing for Disney Villains, love roleplaying with Friends, are a real Potterhead, into dinosaurs and Jurassic World, or anything relating to Monkie kid and Ninjago… This June you will be rushing to the stores for these new sets and more. Continue reading

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All LEGO Creator Modular Buildings released in 17 years

Are you a fan of miniature buildings inspired by fantastic city’s from all over the world? Step into the world of LEGO Creator Modular Buildings. From pittoresque French inspired squares, lovely shops, cafe’s and restaurants, a little piece of Wallstreet, your own policestation and more. This is the series you don’t want to miss out on! Continue reading

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LEGO Ninjago sets (June 2023)

It has been more than a decade ago since LEGO released LEGO Ninjago series. But as of 1st June 2023 there are 14 (!) new LEGO NINJAGO sets to be released, just in time before the new New Dragons Season series starts. Lets have a look and reveal of the new sets to be expected next month. Continue reading

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LEGO Gabby’s Dollhouse (coming out in August)

Anyone with small children will probably know Gabby’s Dollhouse already. My daughter (6) has been hooked on the Netflix series for quite some time now and it certainly peaked her interest in everything that had to do with cats. It is no wonder that LEGO will be releasing 4 Gabby Dollhouse sets this summer! Isn’t that Catastic? Continue reading

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