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All new LEGO Harry Potter sets being released in 2024

Would you like to find out what the NEW LEGO Harry Potter sets for 2024 will be? Not to mention there will be a whole new collectible tiles coming out too. Here is a list of all new releases to be expected this year. I will update the list as soon as new information becomes available, so you have something to look forward to during the year. Continue reading

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All new LEGO STAR WARS sets being released in 2024 (Celebrate 25 Years of LEGO Star Wars sets)

Yes! In 2024 we may be expecting a lot of new LEGO Star Wars sets being released. From new display pieces, to remakes of previous sets and more. All these new sets are a great way to celebrate 25 years of LEGO Star Wars sets. Which one is your favorite? Continue reading

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VLOG: my Shop Haul 1st January 2024 LEGO sets

Welcome to my first video and vlog of 2024! I will be taking you to visit the LEGO store with me where we will take a look at some of the new LEGO sets that came out on 1st January 2024! Here is our 1st January 2024 LEGO shop haul! Continue reading

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UPDATE: Combining 7 LEGO Hogwarts sets into 1 modular castle (2021-2023)

In 2021 LEGO released a modular Hogwarts series with sea green roofs and tiling. It seems that with the release of the new The Battle of Hogwarts set #76415 the series is being concluded. I retrieved a grand overview picture of the whole, where all modular LEGO Hogwarts (2021-2023) sets combined make one large castle. This is the list of items you will need. Continue reading

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These are some fantastic LEGO Train sets for kids and adults

1st December 2023 LEGO has released the Orient Express Train set and it peaked my interest in all other LEGO Train sets out there. You don’t have to be an actual train enthousiast to fall in love with the LEGO train sets, so here are some fantastic ones for both kids and adults. Continue reading

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Review: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake #76386

This is actually one of the smallest LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts modular sets you can get, but the LEGO Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake is a very nice set! It also compliments a much larger set from the modular series, which I will show you in this video review I made. Continue reading

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LEGO DREAMZzz sets coming out (in August)

The LEGO Group will be releasing a brand collection called LEGO DREAMZzz! Not just as Lego sets to get creative and build with, but also as an animation series for the young ones. The theme brings to life the creativity of children’s dreams. Starting 1st August this brand new collection named LEGO DREAMZzz will become available. Continue reading

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LEGO Ninjago sets (June 2023)

It has been more than a decade ago since LEGO released LEGO Ninjago series. But as of 1st June 2023 there are 14 (!) new LEGO NINJAGO sets to be released, just in time before the new New Dragons Season series starts. Lets have a look and reveal of the new sets to be expected next month. Continue reading

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LEGO Friends – summer 2023 sets

Are you and your kids into LEGO Friends sets? The beloved town of Heartlake City is about to get a whole lot bigger. Starting 1st June 4 new LEGO Friends sets will be released, with among them a sea rescue boat, a botanical garden and a Heartlake City Community Centre. And more sete are to follow later this summer. Here are all new releases of LEGO Friends for summer 2023. Continue reading

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LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong sets (coming out in August)

In the past LEGO has released several Super Mario Starter sets for the fans of the game. But as of 1st August you will be able to add 4 new Expansion sets and get into much more fantastisch plays and stories. Let’s take a look at these new Super Mario Donkey Kong sets coming out this summer. Continue reading

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