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All LEGO Creator Modular Buildings released in 17 years

Are you a fan of miniature buildings inspired by fantastic city’s from all over the world? Step into the world of LEGO Creator Modular Buildings. From pittoresque French inspired squares, lovely shops, cafe’s and restaurants, a little piece of Wallstreet, your own policestation and more. This is the series you don’t want to miss out on! Continue reading

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LEGO Ninjago sets (June 2023)

It has been more than a decade ago since LEGO released LEGO Ninjago series. But as of 1st June 2023 there are 14 (!) new LEGO NINJAGO sets to be released, just in time before the new New Dragons Season series starts. Lets have a look and reveal of the new sets to be expected next month. Continue reading

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LEGO Harry Potter – summer 2023 sets

This summer LEGO will be releasing a whole bung of new Harry Potter LEGO sets and here is a sneak peak! Pick up your wands for an Expecto Patronum spell, as well as the Battle of Hogwarts and more. As soon as more information is available I will update this post asap. Continue reading

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