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if you are expecting April to be a slow month for LEGO releases, you would be mistaken. There are 2 extraordinary – and BIG – sets coming out to please the Batman fans, as well as Dungeons & Dragons fans. But also a brand new sports car, Marvel Construction Figures and an addition to the SPACE themed sets. These are the new releases by LEGO for APril 2024: Continue reading

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LEGO Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City Skyline #76271

This year is the celebration of 85 Years of Batman and LEGO will therefor be releasing a huge wall display for the fans. The New LEGO DC Batman Gotham City Skyline Set (76271) is a collaboration with Warner Bros. and DC and has resulted in an amazing 3D recreation of Gotham City as it appears in in “Batman: The Animated Series.” Continue reading

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