MOC build: LEGO Hogwarts Prefects’ Bathroom

MOC build: LEGO Hogwarts Prefects' Bathroom

Let us ‘dive’ into the New Year with this little MOC build of the LEGO Hogwarts Prefects’ Bathroom. With this you can recreate some of the finest movie’s scenes and just make one tiny awesome extra build for your modular LEGO Hogwarts Castle!

The 4th Harry Potter Book and Movie gave us the Prefects’ Bathroom for Head Boys and Head Girls of Hogwarts School. It is an amazing bathroom that only got featured in the LEGO Hogwarts Clocktower set #75948. Unfortunately this set is now discontinued but it got me thinking to make a MOC Build myself, that would fit in my LEGO Hogwarts Modular Castle. I present to you the modular LEGO Prefects ‘ Bathroom in below video.

Video: MOC Build of Hogwarts Prefects’ Bathroom

Looking for more MOC’s for your LEGO Hogwarts Modular Castle? Then also be sure to check out this video with a MOC build of the Gryffindor Dorms set.

Where can I find the MOC instructions for the ‘LEGO ‘Prefect’s Bathroom’?

There are several versions and MOC’s of the Prefects’ Bathroom on the website. I completely loved this one of designer TrevorToad – item number: MOC-121022 • it consists of a 244 part in total and the manual for the build is free of charge. Simply use the Rebrickable partlist that can automatically be uploaded to e.g. Brickowl or Bricklink account to order all the loose parts.

What else do I need to complete this Hogwarts Prefects’ Bathroom MOC?

  • The stained glass mermaid on the back wall can easily be created by using a trans clear or white 1x4x6 glass panel for window (part number 57895). And then add on the ‘mermaid sticker’ from LEGO Hogwarts Clocktower (set number 75948). The sticker sheet only (part number 54119) can be ordered online too, so don’t forget to add it to your shopping cart.
  • As a minifigure I just used the Harry Potter minifigure that came with the LEGO Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake (set number 76420) but you can also opt for an own creation.
  • The ‘Moaning Myrle’ minifigure was part of the LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures Collection series 2 (set number 71028).
  • And last, the metallic gold egg can be found in the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020 (set number 75981) or order it separately under (part number 24946).
MOC build: LEGO Hogwarts Prefects' Bathroom

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What do you think of this MOC build of a LEGO Hogwarts Modular style Prefect’s Bathroom? Do you already own the LEGO Clocktower set #75948 or will you be building this modulare block MOC creation instead? Please share with us in the comments below!

Ciao, Betty

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