(P)Review: 7 new LEGO Star Wars sets coming out in May 2024

(P)Review: 7 new LEGO Star Wars sets coming out in May 2024

Did you know that 4th of May is considered world wide Star Wars Day? The global fans are in for a treat with some fantastic new LEGO sets that will be coming out on either 1st or 4th May. So I have made a video to show you 7 new LEGO Star Wars sets coming out in May 2024! Including a Ultimate Collection Series TIE Intercepter, a buildable Droideka, some Brickheadz from the Phantom Menace movie and more!

What new LEGO Star Wars sets are coming out in MAY 2024?

It is the 25th Year anniversary of LEGO Star Wars sets, so we are expected a lot of awesome sets for 2024. Especially on the festive ‘May the Fourth’ and LEGO Release Date 1st May 2024. In the beginning of this year I have put together a full list of new confirmed and rumoured LEGO Star Wars sets in 2024. Please have a look at below video with the second wave coming out in May as they contain, among others, a brand new Ultimate Collector Series Spaceship! And of that large new TIE Interceptor I even made a separate review video for you to watch.

If you are purchasing new LEGO sets, then please consider using the affiliate links on my website. I will receive a small commission over each purchase and you will be supporting us in maintaining this website. Thank you.

Video: Preview of 7 new LEGO Star Wars sets coming out in May 2024:

These are the 7 x LEGO Star Wars sets coming out 4th May 2024:

To have a look at all new LEGO sets being releases in May 2024, please go to this blogpost (soon online).

So these are all the new LEGO Star Wars sets being released in May 2024. Is there a particular set you would like to get your hands on? Please share with us in the comments below! You can also follow us for more Brick stories on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok @BettyLovesBricks .

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